Monday, July 21, 2008

Update: 3 Days in Folkestone (by Clara)

Here we are in Folkestone; we've been here for three nights now. On our first full day, the winds were really strong, and we went swimming on a beach that was comprised of decent-sized stones rather than sand (i.e. painful to walk on). The waves were probably about 5 feet high, so that was pretty fun to swim in. We swam back and forth along the beach for a bit, and then when we tried to come back in, we ended up getting swept way down the beach away from our stuff, so we had to walk along the painful stones for several hundred yards to get to our towels. Right after we got out, some British guy came up to Mallory and told her we were insane to be swimming in that kind of water, and that he had almost called the Coast Guard because we "looked like we were struggling." Which is a little ridiculous... I think anyone is going to look like they are struggling when trying to swim in big waves.

There was some sort of festival on Saturday, and then a market on Sunday, so there was plenty of food vendors around to buy our lunch from cheaply. We managed to find an actual sand beach to swim at on the other side of the fish market, although the "beach" is only so during low tide... at high tide it gets completely covered! Mallory went to swim there by herself first, and she had to get out pretty quickly so that her things wouldn't be swept away. However, it's worth it so that our feet won't get completely pommelled. Also, yesterday and today the water has been much calmer (although yesterday we thought it was colder), so it's been easier to swim.

Well I think that's it for now. My breakfast has digested enough to go swimming now, I think.

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