Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Fellow Member of the Laptop Gang is Listening to Rap While 70s Music Is Playing Over the Speakers and It's Awkward (by Clara)

Okay, so this isn't really a post about the dude listening to rap, but I'm kind of writing about a number of things, and didn't have a better idea for a title. I wish he had some headphones though. *sigh*

My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Ralph arrived today (it might be yesterday by the time this posts... Thursday at any rate) from Germany. As interesting of a time as we had driving today, it is probably a lot more interesting for them. They are driving in a car that they are used to, but the driver is on the wrong side of the car in this country (alternate interpretation: the driver is on the correct side, but everyone in this country drives on the wrong side). Anyway, they also had an interesting time regarding hotel rooms. (Oh god, now the boy listening to rap is singing along. Badly.) The people at this hotel are really nice, but they seem awfully clueless... when my dad checked in, they gave him the room that I had reserved for the Cooks (i.e. a three person room... for just him for now, and my mom in a couple of days) AND had a real problem trying to figure out how much he owed. So, of course, when the Cooks showed up, they received the 2-person room for three people, so poor Janece is sleeping on a roll-away bed. And today, when my aunt and uncle showed up, there was no room for them at all! They have to stay in a hotel down the road for the night... but we did get upgraded to the premier restaurant for the night. (The rap boy left for a bit, but it was apparently just to get a power cable. Now he's back, and after stinking up our area of the lobby with his bad cologne, his computer is powered up again and playing more music. *sigh*) My mom shows up tomorrow, and seemingly, they wouldn't be able to screw anything up for her, since my dad is already in the room for both of them. However, he IS in a room on a smoking floor, and my mom definitely cannot handle being in the vicinity of a place where people have smoked, due to her allergies (non-allergic rhinitis actually, but it's basically allergies that don't respond to medicines). So don't hold your breath... they could screw up the room again yet.

I'm scheduled to meet my boat pilot tomorrow evening, but my father spoke to him on the phone today. It seems likely that the first two swimmers in the queue will go this Saturday and Sunday, and that I will swim on Monday. So, hopefully Mallory will swim on Saturday, for a couple of reasons. I want to go on her boat and be her pace swimmer, but it might be a bad idea the day before I swim. If I get in to pace several times, I might make myself overtired, and I'm unlikely to get much rest on the boat at all. Also, there is the liklihood of getting seasick, which might not be so great the day before I swim either. On the flip side, if Mallory swims the day before I do, so might be too pooped to come along on my crew and be my pace swimmer, etc. I guess it might be possible to pass up Monday in favor of Tuesday if she swims on Sunday, but I'm not sure that I really want to pass up an opportunity to swim, in case the weather suddenly decides to turn crap or whatever. So, we'll see.

I've got a few pictures from our trip to Dover to share... but they may have to be added later, because the picture thing doesn't seem to want to go. (Okay, really... what is this music? The lyrics are as sappy as boyband music, but the beat is all hip-hop and r&b, and it really just does not go.)

So, I don't think I wrote about this before, but the day I left, I went into the sports med doctor to see about my shoulder, which had been bothering me a lot. I was interested in getting a cortisone shot, and since I was in Indy, and then in Hawaii, this was really the only time I could go in to get one. It turns out, however, that the rest time after getting a cortisone shot is usually more than a few days. Of course, swimming doesn't accelerate the shoulder quite as fast as, say, baseball pitching, but apparently the shot weakens the tendons a little bit and you increase the chance of microtears. (Okay, now it's techno...) So, I was given a choice: get the shot have a 90% chance of dramatic pain reduction, but have an unquantifyable risk of injury; or continue with the naproxyn and hope for the best. I opted for the cortisone shot, because I decided it was worth the risk (especially because I would often have pretty significant pain within just a few hours, and it happens faster in rougher water). Anyway, since I've been here, I've continued with the naproxyn and have felt virtually no pain in my shoulder, which is very encouraging. I was pretty worried on the first day we swam, since the waves were about 5 feet, but I clearly got through that okay. I can't take the naproxyn on the day of the swim, because apparently it and all other anti-inflammatories (like ibuprophen) are metabolized through the kidneys. During exercise, there is a low-flow state through the kidneys, so you risk build-up of the drug which could lead to kidney failure (as I understand it). Tylenol (acetaminophen) is fine though, so I'm feeling pretty could about the condition of my shoulder for the swim. Hopefully I won't end up with shoulder surgery later though!

Okay, pictures work now! (Suddenly the hotel full of old people is inexplicably overrun with young whippersnappers who are being really loud... I guess they just don't frequent the lobby during the day, being of the nocturnal type.)

more jumping pictures

and again

so, we're a little close to the ground, but i think it looks like we're kind of floating away (like if the gravity turned off, as Mallory was imagining one day while swimming)

sculpture in dover

it was decided that, in order to complete her weight-gain diet, Mallory needed to eat Dover Castle

real photo with Dover Castle

nearish to where you start

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Clara- we are pulling for you here in OHIO. Don't get out- finish! There is toothpaste left in the tube and then you can still brush without the toothpaste on residuals in the toothbrush. Take it a couple minutes at a time. Rachel's mom