Monday, July 7, 2008

Dang, that water is HOT! (by Clara)

I have changed locales for the week: I am now in Hawaii doing research. We are spending the first few days in a nice condo on the Big Island, and on Thursday we're moving up to the observatory on Mauna Kea and doing an observing run. I have to leave a little early so I can go back to South Bend in time to fly to England on July 15th.

Due to a mishap with the flight, I ended up arriving a day later than intended. My flight got in around 3:30 pm Hawaii time, so I managed to get into the ocean to swim at about 5, after the sun had been warming the water ALL DAY. I could tell that the surface of the water was much warmer than it was about a foot and a half below the surface, but I'm pretty sure the water I was swimming in was about 84 degrees. Which is HOT. I think I only managed to stay in for about 30 minutes before having to get out from discomfort. In the future I will probably try to swim in the morning and swim multiple times a day in order to get more distance in without suffering from heat stroke. I attempted to take cold showers twice after swimming: once in the shower by the beach, and once in the shower in our condo. Both were failed attempts. On the bright side, the tub in the bathroom is really deep, so I should be able to completely submerge myself for an ice bath.

Speaking of which, we're taking a little break after lunch now, so I might go take one of those ice baths. Before I go though, I'd like to thank everyone who bought up extra tee shirts! Two weeks ago, we had 35 extras, and now we're down to 6. If anyone else wants one, at the moment we have 1 small, 2 larges, 1 XL, 2 XXL, all logo style except for one of the XXL's, and mostly white, with a few greys mixed in. Contact me at or Mallory at if you would like one. The are $15 apiece + $2.50 shipping. Thanks!

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