Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Assorted Photographs (by Clara)

Preparation for the cold:

Mallory doubles up: ice bath and ice cream

she used a snorkel to breathe

I put ice on her back to increase the cold factor

Ice for my ice bath in the condo in Hawaii

My swim:

All greased up, with white cliffs of Dover in the background

Jumping in the water

Just before the start

One of the few large ships we could see in the haze

Getting out on the other side

Officially done!

Getting hauled into the dinghy, looking like a total loon (I couldn't really use my shoulders to pull myself in)

Looking chipper after a refreshing swim

Uncle Ralf poured Champagne on me, courtesy of Pilot Eric Hartley

First Mate Lee, Observer Anne Slone, Captain Eric Hartley, Swimmer Clara Bennett

1 comment:

Murielle said...

Great photos, Clara. You look happy and not as bad as I expected after your grueling swim. :)

Murielle Bennett