Monday, June 16, 2008

Buy Tee Shirts! (by Clara)

So we still have a bit of an inventory of tee shirts remaining, and we really need to sell them off. We've sold more than enough to cover costs, but we'd really not like to have 30 tee shirts laying around. They aren't too expensive to ship, so no matter where you are, we can get them to you! We'll say $3 shipping for the first tee, and $1 for each tee after that. Since our inventory is likely going to be changing, instead of posting what we have left all the time, I think it would be best if anyone interested could just click the "place order" link to the right (or just email and let me know what sizes you want and which style you would prefer, and I'll let you know which colors we have left! We only have short sleeve tees, so those are $15 apiece plus shipping. You can send checks or money orders or whatever (made out to Clara Bennett) to:

50928 Ridgeview Lane
Granger, IN 46530


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