Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Battle of Lake Maxincukee (Posted By Mallory)

Sadly, On June 8, 2008, I was not victorious.

Even so, I will have to proclaim that the Battle of Lake Maxincukee was a huge success. Things went more or less as planned, except the part when my father exited the water 18 minutes before I did. We had a great turnout, and the conditions were great for Channel Training. Though the water temp was a little warm (varied between 68-74) I encountered high winds and substantial chop (I prefer waves because they have a rhyme) on the first 2.5 mile leg of the course which turned into whitecaps coming in from the side (also difficult to swim in) for the second leg of the course. What I projected to be an easy and “smooth sailing” lake swim turned into a great test of mental and physical strength. I entered the water feeling a little sluggish from stepping up my training this week, and I had to work through some lower back pain. Apart from the physicality of it, I also had to deal with the familiar frustration of being unable to see the course coupled with the sneaking suspicion that I was swimming somewhat off course. On top of it all, my support crew (as well as my father’s one man support crew) also had to deal with the high winds and rough water throwing the boats around. My Uncle Kent, who functioned as the aforementioned one man support crew, had some issues of his very own, when the battery for the motor died right at the end of the swim. The weight of the two batteries and his body as he switched the batteries raised the bow of the boat high in the air and the boat started taking in water. He almost became the third swimmer in the race. I’m starting to believe that rough conditions have started to follow me around everywhere I go. I hope it is not so for my channel swim.
The support that I received from my friends, family, and even some strangers has been phenomenal. Now some thanks are in order.

I would like to thank the following people for sponsoring me.

Clete Bauman
Paul Weisser
Sherry Sullivan
John and Caroline Fowler
John and Katrina Carlisle
Dick Niemi
John and Melody Elliot
Jerry and Kenan Kimble
Mick and Janet Cox
Nathan and Leslie Cook
Martha Ann Cook
Kewanna Pro Hardware and Supply (Kent and Sherri Cook)
Linc Divane
Gary Treat
Gary Kerns

Also, thank you to the following people for volunteering their time and services to help the race run smoothly.

Kent Cook
Dave and Clara Bennett
Leanord Short
Clete Bauman
Dick Niemi

And last but not least, thank you to everyone who has purchased a t-shirt. It has really been adding up.

Right now, not including t-shirt sales, I have received $3,100 in sponsorships. I cannot thank you all enough!

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