Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mallory's Training Log 3/31 to 4/6

3/31 6,300 yd water workout, weights
4/1 8,000 yd water workout, weights (haha April Fools, Actually 6,500 yd)
4/2 5,600 yd water workout
4/3 weights (the mother of all)
4/4 3,000 yd water workout, weights

By the mother of all weight workouts, I mean that I was so sore afterwards that I couldn't walk for 4 days. Getting out of bed was painful and time-consuming process. Originally when I discussed the weight program with John, my strength coach, I was under the impression that I would be doing high reps and light weights. While I thought light, John just thought lightER, which isn't saying much when you can squat your own body weight.

Saturday was my last first day of swim lessons ever. One of my lessons is with Kelli Mae Sutherland, a great little swimmer that I have been working with since the fall of 2004. I'd like to think that I taught her everything she knows, however, I have a feeling that credit is really due to her, as she is a great student of the sport and takes every oppurtunity to work on her skills. Also at the swim lessons were three of my second cousins, Andrew and Austin Bitterling, and Corey Bitterling. Andrew and Austin are both good swimmers, who are working on the more advanced swimming techniques. Corey is a brand new swimmer, who did exceptionally well after we got through the fear and crying stage and started to have some fun. I'd like to thank my lessons for your support, as the registration fees are being applied to my swim.

This week is already looking better than last. Training log to follow soon.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought you were going to really TRAIN for our race. lets see more yardage in the pool! lol

Anonymous said...

good luck you are living my dream