Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Really Big Race

I just wanted to give you all the heads up on the status of "The Really Big Race" as it refers to the swim off of Lake Maxincukee in Culver, IN between myself and my father.

Background: My father and I have a history of competitiveness between the two of us. One year, we had a pie bake-off for Thanksgiving, just because he claimed he could make a better pie than me. The results of that contest were inconclusive. Yes, his pumpkin pie tasted better than my banana creme pie (that I forgot to add sugar to). However, he used pre-made crust when it was supposed to be a pie FROM SCRATCH.

Anyway, my father has recently taken up swimming as his sport of choice. Last year he swam Lake Maxincukee in Culver (a 2.5 mile swim) and this year we are making it our newest competition. On June 8th, we will swim-off. I will be swimming a double crossing, and my father a single. Who will be victorious?

This will be the must attend event for the year. We will be renting out the Train Depot in Culver for the occasion, complete with refreshments and a map of the lake with frequent GPS coordinate updates of the swimmers' progress. In addition, there will be boats going out for spectators who want a closer look, and afterwards there will be a full celebration of the race/my graduation/and my channel swim attempt.

If you are going to be in the area (or just want to be) and are interested in coming, email me your mailing address! I will be sending out formal invitations soon. Also, if you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt to support the cause, please also denote this as we are going to be placing a second bulk order. There are links to online stores located on the sidebar, if you didn't know that already and would like to view your t-shirt options. Keep in mind, however, that if you place an order through me then the price will be slightly cheaper, you will not be charged shipping, and the margin is slightly better for us.

Who will be victorious?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wall Street Journal Article on Open Water Swimming

It's nice to know that open water swimming is finally coming into it's own, mostly because of it's inclusion in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. Here's a link to great article published this week in the Wall Street Journal.

The article specifically mentions the English Channel (obviously) but also the Boston Light Swim, which is the swim that Clara and I competed in this past August.

My favorite part is when they ask Michael Phelps, who is arguably the greatest swimmer in history, whether or not he would consider doing an open water swim. Any guesses on what his answer is?

The qoute-"Not a chance. No way. I won't swim open water."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CafePress Update

Mallory informed me that some of her family members had been asking about infant and toddler-sized shirts, so I have added those to the CafePress shop in both designs. I also added a few other products, so you can now purchase buttons, bags, mugs, and a few other things.

If you are looking to purchase regular adult-sized tee shirts, however, the cheapest way for you (and most profitable way for us) is to order through Mallory and me by using the links in the toolbar to the right.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mallory's Training Log 4/7-4/13

4-7 4,000 yds+ 30 minutes swimming on the stretch cordz~6,000+, weights, core training
4-8 6,000 yds, weights
4-9 4,000 yds + 45 minutes swimming on the stretch cordz ~7,000+, core training
4-10 5,800 yds, weights
4-11 5,200 yds, weights
4-12 4,500 yds + catching children leaping from the diving board at swim lessons for 4 hours
4-13 Rest

My time for a broken 1650 this week was 18:29, 34 seconds faster than last time. On Friday I did a set of 4x800s, negative split and descend. I started out a little fast, and went 9:16, 9:04, 9:10, 9:08 so I didn't quite descend. I hope to do that set again this Friday and see if I can get under 9:00 on the last one. It was still a good effort though, as 9:04 is holding about 1:08s.

The stretch cordz were an addition to the training this week. Its a big rubber tube that you attatch to the blocks and then attatch the other end to your waist with a harness. Then you swim. It stretches, so you can swim all the way to the other end, but it's not something that you can maintain for long. Not only do I get to swim continuously without flip turns, but the cord makes your hips sink and puts a lot of strain on the lower back, thereby replicating some of the channel conditions I will come up against.

On May 4, I will be traveling to Memphis Tennessee to swim the mile at the Memphis Tiger's meet. As a requirement for competing in the 25K Open Water Nationals in Ft. Myers, I must swim a 1,500 M (Long course) under 19 minutes. Truthfully, I haven't swam the mile in either long couse or short course for a couple of years, so I had to do some math to figure how likely this would be. Holding 1:08s (like I did for an 800 in practice) for a 1650 would convert to a 19:04, just short. I think that I might have to do a mini taper for the meet in order to meet the goal, which is okay anyway since I will most likely be taking a break the following week for finals/graduation. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I just wanted to thank the following people for sponsoring me. All this support is overwhelming!

Kenan Kimble
Coach and Joey Powell
Susan Sutherland
John and Donna Diercks
Mark Ritter
Wendy and Gary Binger
Jim Ludwiczak
Otto and Lori Scholl

Right now, not including t-shirt sales, there is roughly $1,500 in my channel swim account! That is enough to book all of my plane tickets (to London, DC, and Ft. Myers) for my swims. Thank you so much everyone. I couldn't do it without your support!

Mallory's Training Log 3/31 to 4/6

3/31 6,300 yd water workout, weights
4/1 8,000 yd water workout, weights (haha April Fools, Actually 6,500 yd)
4/2 5,600 yd water workout
4/3 weights (the mother of all)
4/4 3,000 yd water workout, weights

By the mother of all weight workouts, I mean that I was so sore afterwards that I couldn't walk for 4 days. Getting out of bed was painful and time-consuming process. Originally when I discussed the weight program with John, my strength coach, I was under the impression that I would be doing high reps and light weights. While I thought light, John just thought lightER, which isn't saying much when you can squat your own body weight.

Saturday was my last first day of swim lessons ever. One of my lessons is with Kelli Mae Sutherland, a great little swimmer that I have been working with since the fall of 2004. I'd like to think that I taught her everything she knows, however, I have a feeling that credit is really due to her, as she is a great student of the sport and takes every oppurtunity to work on her skills. Also at the swim lessons were three of my second cousins, Andrew and Austin Bitterling, and Corey Bitterling. Andrew and Austin are both good swimmers, who are working on the more advanced swimming techniques. Corey is a brand new swimmer, who did exceptionally well after we got through the fear and crying stage and started to have some fun. I'd like to thank my lessons for your support, as the registration fees are being applied to my swim.

This week is already looking better than last. Training log to follow soon.