Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mallory's Training Log 3-17 through 3-28

After a brief 6-week break from swimming once I was done with my college season (and with all college seasons) I returned to training on Monday March 17, this time specifically for my upcoming Open Water season.

My training log for the last two weeks is as follows. Somewhat impressive after such a long break, I think.

3-17: 5,200 yd pool workout
3-18: 5,600 yd pool workout
3-19: 6,000 yd pool workout
3-21: 5,600 yd pool workout, weights
3-23: (Easter) Sweets-eating marathon (it was a marathon, wasn't it?)

3-24: 6,000 yd pool workout, weights, and core-training fitness class
3-25: 5,400 yd pool workout, cardio
3-26: 6,300 yd pool workout, core-training
3-27: 6,300 yd pool workout, weights
3-28: 3,200 yd pool workout, weights

A lot of the yardage done these two weeks were on a 1:15 base interval and I'm working toward a 1:10 base. Among the sets include Coach Powell's favorite set, the Sub-Add set.

400,300,200,100,300,200,100,200,100,100, then I put on my paddles and went
100,100,200,100,200,300,100,200,300,400 all of this was on a 1:15 base.

Also, I did some broken 1650s where I went
275,250,225,200,175,150,125,100,75,50,25 on :15 seconds rest. 1 swim, 1 pull. My time for the swim was 19:03 and my heart rate was at 4 below.

One thing I have been incorporating in my practices is a lot of heads-up swimming to strengthen my lower back and to prepare for the stress that sighting in open water puts on your body.

As for my weight workouts, the main muscle groups I am focusing on are my lats, shoulders, back, triceps, and core. My weight training coach at Western, John Stephanski, put together a 4-day program that incorporates lower-weights (than what I am used to) and higher-reps, along with a sense of urgency that manages to keep the time commitment down to 20 minutes and heart rate up the entire time. Definitely different than what I am used to, and gives me the most bang for my buck.

The Core-Training that I am doing is through the Preston Center's Awesome Abs class, a 25-minute class offered 6 days a week with 4 different instructors. It's short time commitment makes it easier for me to motivate myself to go but once I am there, it is anything but easy. Also, with the different instructors the class seems different every time I go. I like the variety in that.

Well, that's it for these two weeks. My training goals coming up include 6 water workouts a week, 4 weight workouts a week, 1-2 core training sessions, and 2 additional cardio workouts a week. Then I guess I'll just take it from there.

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