Monday, January 28, 2008

So Here's the Deal: Boston/Bowling Green/South Bend/Purdue/IU

Anyone who lives in Boston, Bowling Green, or South Bend, or who attends Purdue or IU, we will be bulk ordering ALL tee shirts together. We are taking orders over the next several weeks, and money will be due later. Please, if you tell us you are getting a shirt, you really need to be prepared to buy it, because the end price will depend on how many people order.

SO, order details (to see designs, please see previous post):

Mallory's design is available on white or grey tee shirts, with colors as shown below

Clara's design is available in white writing on sapphire or navy tee shirts, or in grey writing on white or maroon tee shirts.

Please email orders with chosen designs, sizes, and colors to either Mallory at or Clara at

Thanks again so much for your support!

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