Monday, January 21, 2008

CafePress and Printfection shops are up and running!

The T-shirts are designed, and are now for sale on and Because CafePress has weird rules regarding free shops, I had to set up two separate shops for our two separate designs. The designs are shown on white, but there are a variety of color options in the shop, and there will be color options for bulk orders. The CafePress shop has a wider variety of clothing styles, while the Printfection shop has a wider variety of colors on regular tees.

Mallory's design:

Clara's design:

Again, if you don't live in the Boston/Bowling Green/South Bend area, go ahead and order from the CafePress site now. Otherwise, standby for updates regarding bulk orders to these areas (which will be cheaper). We are considering bulk orders to Purdue and IU, pending interest and volunteered help, so if you attend one of these schools, you might want to hold off on ordering until we figure out what's happening.

And for the Boston area people, I will be collecting orders over the next few weeks, so go ahead and email me at with your desired styles and sizes. We will be ordering Mallory's shirt in either white or grey, and Clara's shirt in navy/white writing, sapphire/white, white/grey writing, or maroon/grey. Both styles will be the same price (in the neighborhood of $15), so go ahead and choose whichever you like best. Or just buy one of each!

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