Monday, January 28, 2008

So Here's the Deal: Boston/Bowling Green/South Bend/Purdue/IU

Anyone who lives in Boston, Bowling Green, or South Bend, or who attends Purdue or IU, we will be bulk ordering ALL tee shirts together. We are taking orders over the next several weeks, and money will be due later. Please, if you tell us you are getting a shirt, you really need to be prepared to buy it, because the end price will depend on how many people order.

SO, order details (to see designs, please see previous post):

Mallory's design is available on white or grey tee shirts, with colors as shown below

Clara's design is available in white writing on sapphire or navy tee shirts, or in grey writing on white or maroon tee shirts.

Please email orders with chosen designs, sizes, and colors to either Mallory at or Clara at

Thanks again so much for your support!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Did Not Disappear

Lately Clara has been the rock-star out of the two of us, I know. I have been a little difficult to track down lately.

Here's the rundown on me:

1. I finally have an application pack on its way (that was way more complicated than you may think, it can be difficult sending money over the pond, you know)

2. I have my contract for my boater and I will be sending it soon. (Once again, its hard to send money) My possible swim dates are July 25, 26, or 27, depending on the weather.

3. I applied for my passport!

4. I was accepted into the Potomac River Swim (7,5 miles one way). I'm not sure yet whether or not I will be allowed to attempt a double crossing.

5. I'm trying to nail down a date for the REALLY big race against my dad in June. I'm swimming across Lake Maxinkuckee in Culver, Indiana twice and he's swimming it once (about 3 miles one way). Who will be victorious?

6. I actually made it into the ocean over winter training trip down in Key Largo.

7. As I write this, I am preparing to swim in my very last home meet for the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers.

Phew, busy, right?

As for T-shirt order for the Bowling Green crowd, I need to get an idea of how many I'm ordering, so you can email those to me at I still have to talk to the local print shops in town before I can have any more details.

It's getting real now.

Monday, January 21, 2008

CafePress and Printfection shops are up and running!

The T-shirts are designed, and are now for sale on and Because CafePress has weird rules regarding free shops, I had to set up two separate shops for our two separate designs. The designs are shown on white, but there are a variety of color options in the shop, and there will be color options for bulk orders. The CafePress shop has a wider variety of clothing styles, while the Printfection shop has a wider variety of colors on regular tees.

Mallory's design:

Clara's design:

Again, if you don't live in the Boston/Bowling Green/South Bend area, go ahead and order from the CafePress site now. Otherwise, standby for updates regarding bulk orders to these areas (which will be cheaper). We are considering bulk orders to Purdue and IU, pending interest and volunteered help, so if you attend one of these schools, you might want to hold off on ordering until we figure out what's happening.

And for the Boston area people, I will be collecting orders over the next few weeks, so go ahead and email me at with your desired styles and sizes. We will be ordering Mallory's shirt in either white or grey, and Clara's shirt in navy/white writing, sapphire/white, white/grey writing, or maroon/grey. Both styles will be the same price (in the neighborhood of $15), so go ahead and choose whichever you like best. Or just buy one of each!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Official Post of Channel Swim Year!

Happy New Year! It is now officially the Year of the Channel Swim. Woot!

As is traditional in the swimming world, January means hard training. I haven't got school until February, so I'm just up to my ears in IAP (January term) training, with a little research gig on the side. My conference championships are coming up in about a month, and then after that (unless I make nationals) I'll be training on my own or with the MIT Masters until summer.

On the logistics front, I've got a deposit down for my boat, and just sent off the signed contract. Mallory's tee shirt design is done, and I'm just finishing mine up, so our CafePress shop should hopefully be up and running by the end of the week. Please please please buy a shirt (or five)! The estimated cost of this whole shabang is just under $5000, so we've still got a lot of money to raise. On that token, if anyone is interested in making a donation beyond the cost of a tee shirt, shoot us an email or something. We'll be setting up an account soon.

Well, I think that's about all I've got. Over and out. :-D